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Date:2007-06-12 10:19
Subject:Relevance -original fic-
Mood: apathetic

Title: Relevance
Fandom: Original fic
Rating: PG, I think
Summary: Introspection, frustration, fear.

Experimenting with second-person POV...

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Date:2007-05-23 16:13
Subject:Original Fic- Not a Pretty Girl
Mood: cheerful

This is an original fic, mostly just character study, though I'm not even sure I know what character. She may be one of my pre-existing characters, or she may be someone new. I don't always know all of what's going on in my head. *smile*
Anyway. The title was filched from an Ani DiFranco song. Everything else belongs to me. Tell me what you think!

Not a Pretty Girl

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Date:2007-05-21 14:09
Mood: contemplative

I just joined, and I thought I should introduce myself really quickly. (If this post shouldn't be here, just delete it.) I've been writing for awhile, and it's basically the only thing I feel like I'm good at and all I want to do with my life.
What I've always wanted most with anything I do, is to keep getting better at it. The way I see it, what's the point in living if you're not constantly trying to improve yourself? So I often desperately want critique, and don't get it. However, I've also always had trouble with critique, usually getting ridiculously defensive, even if I'd decided I wasn't going to do that this time. So, I joined this comm in order to get the critique I'm searching for, but also to try and learn how to deal with critique.

I mean, that's a pretty important skill for a writer to have, isn't it?

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Date:2007-02-01 16:00
Subject:Hey first time here.

I would love it if i could get some feed back on this. thanks.

The little one sleeps in its cradle,
I lift the gauze and look a long time, and silently brush away flies
with my hand.

The youngster and the red-faced girl turn aside up the bushy hill,
I peeringly view them from the top.

The suicide sprawls on the bloody floor of the bedroom,
I witness the corpse with its dabbled hair, I note where the pistol
has fallen.

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Date:2006-12-06 15:34

Hi, I have an extremely important paper due today at 6:25 and I'd greatly appreciate if any of you would read my paper and critique it.

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Date:2006-08-12 17:04


I was looking for an honest critique on a story i have to submit as a final project for my HSC (ultimate of the ultimate school exams)
I would post it but i'm not too sure about copyright/plagarism/all that messy stuff, but if you'd like to help me out please send me your email and i'll send it too you!

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Date:2005-02-17 11:27

^^; I'm looking for an honest critique/possible story ideas for a modern fantasy-type story I'm writing. It's called Demonica Domini, and it's got some semi-religious subject matter, as well as a little bit of violence. I'd probably rate it PG-13, though I bet it'll hit R later on.

Without further ado--

Demonica Domini chapters one and twoCollapse )

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Date:2005-01-21 05:36
Subject:Welcome to the community.
Mood: chipper

As community maintainer, I'll take it upon myself to make the first post.

Welcome to the community! The goal here is to make a place where writers can post their work--any type of writing is allowed here, not just a few--and get real, honest, detailed feedback. If you're looking to get your ego stroked, this is not the place for you. If, however, you're dying for a nice nit-picky critique of your writing, and have both a thick skin and a sense of humor, then welcome. We're glad to have you.

The Rules

For Writers

1. All writing must be posted inside an lj-cut. No exceptions, even if it's short.
2. Please, understand that most people who give you critiques really ARE trying to help you out. It's natural to want to get defensive of your writing when someone says something less than positive about it, but don't jump all over someone just because they pointed out something they didn't like about your writing.
3. In a similar vein, resist the urge to come up with comebacks for everything someone doesn't like. For instance, "You say it doesn't seem in-character for such-and-such to do such-and-such, but it really IS, you see, because..." No. Don't come up with excuses. Instead, try asking them why they thought that way, and what you could do to fix it.
4. Writers are strongly encouraged to read other people's work as well, and leave their own critiques.
5. While you don't have to join to comment and leave critiques, you do to post your writing.
6. All types of writing are accepted here. Original fiction; fanfiction from all fandoms; poetry; non-fiction; whatever. It's all good, as someone I know says a lot.
7. If you're going to join, make sure you have a thick skin and a sense of humor when it comes to your writing.
8. All writing has to be marked with a rating, to give a general idea of the maturity level of the content, as well as a warning about any controversial content (graphic sex, homosexuality, graphic violence, etc.).

For Readers

1. Be honest. If you thought a story was the worst piece of drivel you've ever read and not fit to line your cat litter box with, then don't tell the author it was good. (DO try to phrase it a bit nicer than that, however.)
2. Be detailed. If you want to, cut and paste specific parts of the writing and comment on them individually. Any comments that it occurs to you to make, do so. Tell the author what you liked, what you didn't like, your impressions of the characters, what you think is going to happen next, what they're good at, what they're bad at, what they could do to make the story better. There's really no such thing as going into too much detail in a critique, so feel free to go overboard.
3. Be as nit-picky as you like. One misplaced apostrophe? Go ahead and tell the author about it. One teeny tiny bit of incontinuity, where a character was said to have waist-length hair in one side, but then merely shoulder-length in the next? Let the author know. Again, there's no such thing as going into too much detail.
4. Even if you really, strongly dislike a bit of writing, try not to be overly harsh. You ARE supposed to be honest, but saying "This story is an utter piece of crap and should be burned at once" is a bit too much, even if that's really how you feel. Try to phrase it in a way that's a little less harsh.
5. Absolutely NO personal attacks on the author. Your critiques are supposed to be about the story. Insulting the author because their story isn't too good, spamming them for writing about something you don't particularly like, etc. will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

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